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September 2005

Emma and Mum
Emma and Friends !
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Emma is now almost four months old and is now turning into such a little person. She is no longer a baby. She can easily suck her thumb and settles herself each night. From Saturday 1 October, she moved into her own bedroom and cot and no longer sleeps in with Mum and Dad ! In the second half of September, she contracted chicken pox from her cousin, however it was a mild case and she appeared not to be aware of the spots. She did however got more cuddles from Mum and Dad, just in case !!! Emma is a very smiley baby and delights everyone who sees her with her big smiles. She is also starting to "talk" to herself and regularly does this for minutes at a time. She has just about has all her vaccinations, with the last set being in early October. Mum is very pleased that they are almost all over and done with !

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August 2005

Emma's New Trick
Grandma and Granddaoughter
Big Smiles
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Emma has been doing really well in August. She is now sleeping though most nights and with the introduction of a bedtime routine, she settles between 7 and 9 pm each night. She has also started sucking her thumb and this is helping greatly during the night as she can now settle herself. It is also very sweet lying next to her and hearing suck, suck, suck !
Emma is also becoming a lot more alert and Gordon and I awake every morning to big smiles. She is also starting to "gooo" and "ahhh" and watches so much of what is happening around her now.
Mum is now back home in NZ and Dad left at the end of July, so it is now just the three of us (five, counting the feline and canine !) Mum and Dad's help was invaluable before and after Emma was born and it allowed the new parents (the new mum more than the new dad !) the chance to build their confidence and settle down as parents !

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July 2005

Emma with Aunty Adi
Emma with Grandpa
Father and daughter after a hard day !
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Emma has been getting into more of a routine this month. Gordon and I have actually had nights where Emma has slept from 11pm till 7 or 8am. This is not happening everynight, but is definitely becoming more common! We have introduced a night time routine of bath, feed and story which seems to have helped. We have also stopped a one nightly bottle feed which was just proving to problematic. Grandpa is now away home, but Grandma is still ensuring Emma receives loads of cuddles and attention. Emma also receives loads of attention when we go into town and I have had to open a bank account for her as she has received so many "lucky silver coins" (a Scottish tradition for new babies - a silver coin is placed in the baby's pram for good luck). Emma is also getting more and more beatuiful every day and both Gordon and I always find an excuse to pick her up and cuddle her !

P.S. Aunty Barbara - doesn't Adrienne look a natural !!!

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Five weeks and counting

Dad and daughter
Little Emma
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Emma visited her health visitor, Julie, on Tuesday (12 July) who confirmed that her weight is now 8lb 12oz. She is in the lower 25th percentile, but her weight gain has been constant, so at this stage she appears to be a wee petite thing (not something she takes after her mum !!!). Her constant weight gain has been particularly important this week, due to the hot weather - often little babes need to use all their energy to keep cool in hotter weather and can put on little weight, however not so with Emma !!! She continues to be a little star for her mum and dad and is still attracting attention whereever she goes, particularly from the ladies in Boots !!!

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Emma's First Month

Emma with Grandma
Emma with Grandpa
Three days before Emma arrived.. and counting!!
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Emma Joan Mackay was born 8th June 2005 at Stirling Royal Infirmary at 11.36pm. She weighed 6lb 4oz. Mother and baby are doing absolutely fine and Emma is loving life as much as her parents are loving her. Mum was rather pleased that she was born two weeks early, bucking the traditional trend of a late first baby. She seems to have settled into her own routine, though some nights she likes to keep mum and dad awake, just so as they remember she is there. However, she just seems to want lots of cuddles which is understandable!


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